A world of Space Experiences

Hundreds of Space Experiences are waiting for you

We selected hundreds of Space Experiences that everyone of us can do. We organized them in different categories to permit a plain navigation through all the website. The filters and order possibilities available in every category are contextualized and allow a really easy search for the desired experience.

The selection of the experiences we made is to be considered a starting set, although fairly comprehensive, but will grow with the help of everybody who will want to contribute.

Let’s have a look at the criteria we choose in the selection of the experiences.

For the Books we tried to focus on the most known titles, but of course there is plenty of space of addition and improvement, you are welcome with your suggestions.

Witnessing an amazing Celestial Phenomena can give memories that will last forever and strong emotions to bring home. At the moment we have included phenomena as all the Solar and Moon eclipses from the 2010 and the main naked eyes comets of the last decades, but not only, also Auroras, Meteor Showers and more found place in this category.

Collecting space memorabilia is an amazing hobby. We decided to start with the most simple items but of course there could be more out there, let’s us know what you love to collect !

In the category Hobbies and Things to Do we have grouped very different experiences, most of them funny and engaging. Let’s see how many of these you have already done…

Searching for the Movies and Documentaries¬†to insert in our database, we decided to not include at the moment all the fantastic movies, as for example, the Star Wars’ and Alien’ series. But we are open to discuss and include them if many of you will ask for that.

For the Museums our choice has been strictly limited to space museums instead including all the air and flight museums.

Looking at the star though a telescope is a dream of all the space lovers but visiting remote¬†Observatories and large Telescopes give really a feeling of “out of this world things”.

What can be cooler than watching a Rocket Launch? Did you never try to be at the right place at the right moment? You have to try it. We choose to start with the most reachable launch sites, mainly in the US, but also in Russia, India and Japan. At the moment no launches from China are included. We started with the launch of 2018.

The astronauts travelled to space onboard amazing Spacecrafts that landed back to Earth and now are available to all of us at museums around the world. Staring at a landing module give us the possibility to get the closest possibile to something that has been to space and learn amazing stories of memorable achievements of the human spaceflight.

And then we have the category Travels where we put together some ideas for space adventures, from hotels where to spend a night sleeping like inside a spacecraft, to more exclusive experiences as the Zero-G flights where to feel like an astronaut in the absence of gravity.

There is also a special category reserved to real Astronauts where who has been so lucky to travel to space can tell us his/her amazing experience and where also future astronauts who will fly on suborbital flights as space tourists will have the chance to report their wonderful space experience.