The Story Behind

My name is Gabriele Formentini and I’m the creator of the project My Space Experience. I always have dreamed working with space related subjects but after the master degree in Astronomy, I spent all my life in the stratosphere working as a meteorologist. Then in 2009 I moved with my family to Sweden. I started up a small travel agency to arrange Northern Lights holidays in Scandinavia and I got, in some way, a bit closer to space. The Aurora Borealis is a wonderful celestial phenomena that inspired me. My Space Experience is my last adventure, finally related to space, as I always dreamed: a totally no-profit project for all space fans.

In the autumn 2017 I got the idea of a community of space fans where space interested people could review whatsoever space related experience, show own pictures, videos, suggest new experiences and get inspired. I spent  months working out the project and then, at the beginning of February 2018, I signed a contract with a web company for the development of the website and community. My Space Experience finally went live on August 2018, after many months of hard work.

We spent quite a lot of time and money on this project and now we would like to keep it non-commercial. Why? Simply because we love space and we want to bring it closer to everyone who grew up staring at night at a sky full of stars or dreaming about traveling to space. Your help in keeping the platform advertising-free is highly appreciated and you can contribute with a small donation.

In the last years the interest in space has grown again thanks to companies as SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic but also to the institutional players as NASA, ESA, Roscosmos and least but not last the Chinese and Japanese space agencies. We are living in a wonderful period for space enthusiasts, with a new space race going on !

We warmly welcome everybody to contribute and help the community to grow.