Apollo 12 Command Module (Yankee Clipper)

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Apollo 12
Apollo 12
Apollo 12
Apollo 12

Apollo 12 Command Module (Yankee Clipper)

Apollo 12 was the sixth manned flight in the United States Apollo program and the second to land on the Moon. It was launched on November 14, 1969, from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, four months after Apollo 11. Mission commander Charles “Pete” Conrad and Lunar Module Pilot Alan L. Bean performed just over one day and seven hours of lunar surface activity while Command Module Pilot Richard F. Gordon remained in lunar orbit. The landing site for the mission was located in the southeastern portion of the Ocean of Storms, very close to the site of the Surveyor 3 unmanned probe, which had landed on April 20, 1967. The mission ended on November 24 with a successful splashdown.

Space Program: Apollo
Crew: Charles
Rocket: Saturn V
Launching Date: Nov 14, 1969 16:22 UTC
Launching Site: Kennedy LC-39B
Landing Date: Nov 24, 1969 20:58 UTC
Present Location: Virginia Air & Space Center, NASA Langley visitor’s center, Hamton (United States)
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