Apollo 6 Command Module

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Apollo 6
Apollo 6
Apollo 6

Apollo 6 Command Module

Apollo 6 launched on April 4, 1968, was the second A type mission of the United States Apollo program, an unmanned test of the Saturn V launch vehicle. It was also the final unmanned Apollo test mission.
The objectives of the flight test were to demonstrate trans-lunar injection capability of the Saturn V with a simulated payload equal to about 80% of a full Apollo spacecraft, and to repeat demonstration of the Command Module’s (CM) heat shield capability to withstand a lunar re-entry. The flight plan called for following trans-lunar injection with a direct return abort using the Command/Service Module’s (CSM) main engine, with a total flight time of about 10 hours.

Space Program: Apollo
Crew: Unmanned
Rocket: Saturn V
Launching Date: Mar 4, 1968 12:00 UTC
Launching Site: Kennedy LC-39A
Landing Date: Mar 4, 1968 21:57 UTC
Present Location: Fernbank Science Center, Atlanta (United States)
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