Collect Space Patches

Space Experience Points: 10

Total SEP Earned: 540

5.00/5 (1 review)
Collect Space Patches
Collect Space Patches
Collect Space Patches
Collect Space Patches

Collect Space Patches

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  • gabrielef71 (Norrk√∂ping, Sweden ) Jul 29, 2018

    5.0/5 SpaceX collection

    Experience Date: Dec 20, 2017

    Space Experience Points : 540

    No. of Pieces Collected : 54


    The space mission patches are simply something I love. I also enjoy a lot to collect things and once I decided to start a collection of space patches, I had to choose something that I could manage and also show in some way at home.

    Due to my interest in SpaceX activities too, I decided to go with them and I bought and collect all their mission patched from the first Falcon 1 attempt to the launch of the CRS-13 mission. I decided to stop due to lack of space at the moment. But I am really happy to have in my collection one piece that looks rare, the Zuma patch, whose price rocketed once it was withdrawn from the official market.

    My passion for space patches did not stop here and I decided to make a private album with the space patches of all the human space mission so far. I use to print them on photographic paper and put together in an album. In this way I can keep track of all the human mission in chronological order.


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