Cosmos: A Spacetime Odissey (2014)

TV-Series, USA

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Cosmos: A Space Odyssey

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odissey (2014)

An exploration of our discovery of the laws of nature and coordinates in space and time.


  1. Standing Up in the Milky Way
  2. Some of the Things That Molecules Do
  3. When Knowledge Conquered Fear
  4. A Sky Full of Ghosts
  5. Hiding in the Light
  6. Deeper, Deeper, Deeper Still
  7. The Clean Room
  8. Sisters of the Sun
  9. The Lost Worlds of Planet Earth
  10. The Electric Boy
  11. The Immortals
  12. The World Set Free
  13. Unafraid of the Dark

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Country: USA
Main Actors: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Stoney Emshwiller, Piotr Michael
Release Date: 2014
Runtime: 557 min
Total Episodes: 13
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