Mars Season 1 (2016)

TV-Series, USA

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Mars Season 1 (2016)

In the year 2033, a crew of six astronauts launch from Florida on a journey to be the first people to set foot on Mars. During the descent into the Martian atmosphere, there is a malfunction with their spacecraft, the Daedalus. They land 75.3 kilometres away from their planned habitat. On Earth their progress is being monitored.

Intermixed with the story are real-life interview footage from the year 2016, of the crew, and their mission control; there are interviews with various scientists, and engineers, such as Elon Musk, Andy Weir, Robert Zubrin, and Neil deGrasse Tyson, about the difficulties that the crew might face on a journey to, and living on, Mars.


  1. Novo Mundo
  2. Grounded
  3. Pressure Drop
  4. Power
  5. Darkest Days
  6. Crossroads

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Type: TV Mini-Series 6 episodes
Country: USA
Director: André Bormanis,  Mickey Fisher,  Karen Janszen
Main Actors: André Bormanis,  Mickey Fisher,  Karen Janszen
Release Date: 2016
Runtime: 360 min
Total Episodes: 6
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