Russia in Space

Rockets and Spacecrafts

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Russia in Space

Russia in Space

This is a unique attempt to visualise space exploration┬╣s future through the eyes of Russian space engineers and to describe that nation┬╣s plans in space. Based on actual documents, rather than on guesswork, it is the first comprehensive illustrated book dedicated to the Russian vision for the future of manned spaceflight from the dawn of manned spaceflight until today. Lavishly illustrated with images of unparalleled artistic quality and technical accuracy, the book: puts the development of the Russian manned spacecraft into political and historical context; uniquely describes the future of space exploration through the eyes of Russian space engineers and planners; introduces hitherto unrevealed systems developed for the Russian space program; describes past events and future plans in the historical context of the fall and rise of the Russian space program.

Author: Anatoly Zak
First Edition: 2013
Number of pages: 316
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