Space Center Houston, USA

Houston (Texas), United States See on Google Map

Space Experience Points: 70

Total SEP Earned: 70

5.00/5 (1 review)
Space Center Houston
Space Center Houston
Space Center Houston
Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston, USA

Location: Houston (Texas) (United States)
Address: 1601 Nasa Pkwy, Houston, Texas, 77058
Original Flown Spacecrafts: Mercury 9, Gemini 5, Apollo 17 Command Module
Rockets: Saturn V, Little Joe II
Rocket Engines: F-1, others engines.
Models: ISS Modules, Space Shutte Replica, Lunar Module LTA-8A (training), Lunar Rover, Orion Capsule, Mars Rover Curiosity, Space Shuttle Carrier
Spacesuits: Conrad (Apollo), Young (Shuttle Launch Escape Suit), Shuttle Launch Entry Suit, Orlan EVA with Maneuvering Unit
Other: Training Facilities, Mission Control
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  • malh (Victoria, Mexico ) Jul 25, 2019

    5.0/5 Love the visit

    Experience Date: Jul 19, 2019

    Space Experience Points : 70


    I has a day before the 50th aneversary of the Man arriving to the moon, we went to the actual control room, it was simply amaizing, love the visit.


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