Total Lunar Eclipse, 27 Jul 2018

Lunar Eclipse

Space Experience Points: 15

Total SEP Earned: 30

5.00/5 (2 reviews)
Total Lunar Eclipse, 27 Jul 2018
Total Moon Eclipse, 27 Jul 2018
Total Lunar Eclipse, 27 Jul 2018

Total Lunar Eclipse, 27 Jul 2018

Location: South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
Date: Jul 27, 2018 20:23
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  • Nicnac13 (Liestal, Switzerland ) Aug 7, 2018

    5.0/5 The longest Blood Moon of this century, shared with hundreds of people!

    Experience Date: Jul 27, 2018

    Space Experience Points : 15



    Our head teacher send an E-Mail to every Student, inviting us to meet together on the roof to watch the longest eclipse of this century!

    I replied to his E-Mail, asking if it would be possible to set up my Celestron Nexstar 11 GPS on the roof of the school. He accepted it and in the friday evening my telescope was all set up.


    The moon was already partially eclipsed when he peeked out from the Horizon. At first he was so faint (dark), that I couldn't see him through my Telescope. But after the sun set, the moon started to unveil his beauty as a bright red sphere!

    There were so many people that they had to queue up behind my telescope.

    I nearly didn't get any pictures at all, which was totally worth it, because there's nothing better than sharing and giving the joy of looking up into the sky.



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  • gabrielef71 (Norrköping, Sweden ) Jul 28, 2018

    5.0/5 The longest blood moon of the century!

    Experience Date: Jul 27, 2018 | Location: Norrköping, Sweden

    Space Experience Points : 15


    Living in Sweden, at almost 59° of latitude North, I had to wait quite a long to be able to see the Moon in the sky. According to the ephemerides, the Moon was expected to rise over the horizon at 19:18UTC. I was  there with free view of the horizon but due to the light conditions in summer in Sweden I was not able to see the Moon until the 20:40UTC.

    Once the sky turned darker and darker, the red color became more and more noticeable. My 7 years old son was with me and it was the first total lunar eclipse for him. We took pictures together and looked around in the sky with Mars glowing red below the Moon. At one moment we were able to see also some stratospheric clouds. It is a phenomena that appear in summer months at high altitude after the sunset.

    Unfortunately my younger daughter got asleep before the moon got visible and went back to bed with mom.


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