Our Mission

The idea behind My Space Experience

Only few men and women have been so lucky to see the Earth from Space. Within some years, due to the growing space tourism opportunities, more will follow… and then, probably within ten-twenty years, will come the time when everybody will be able to fulfill their dreams in the most exciting Space Experience in the world: a voyage to Space!

We created a new social community for all space fans, My Space Experience, where you can review, read and learn about every possible Space Experience in a new and funny way: many categories, hundreds of Space Experiences available are waiting for you. The platform has been inspired by those who get excited in front of the beauty of space, those who has always dreamed to watch a rocket launch, those whose heart bits for space technology, space history, space movies, space museums, large telescopes or incredible natural phenomena as northern lights or total solar eclipses and much, much more.

How many times did you search on the web for a good space book to read or an amazing space museum to visit? Sometimes you would like to show your pictures or artworks to other people with your same interest and passion… My Space Experience is the place where now you can do all these things and much more…  where you can meet new friends, share your Space Experience and plan new space adventures. It doesn’t matter if it will be a long holiday, a weekend tour, a day off at a museum, a movie, a book or a new collection as long as it space related.

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