Space Experience Points

How to earn the Space Experience Points

We have divided all the Space Experiences in different categories: Books, Collectables, Hobbies and Things to Do, Movies, Museums, Observatories and Telescopes, Rocket Launches, Spacecrafts and Travels.

Every time you do a Space Experience (or your have already done in the past) and then review it, you earn the related Space Experience Points (SEP). The more experiences you review the more points you earn. You will be rewarded with books, entrance tickets for space museums or observatories, t-shirts, collectibles and other prizes.

The specific SEP of a Space Experience is a measure of the accessibility and worth of the experience, but does not depend on the cost of the experience. Generally the Space Experience Points for a specific experience can vary from 1 to 100 points and cannot be compared with the SEP earned in another category.

You earn SEP in each category separately but you can also earn Extra Points interacting with the platform and the other users. Extra points are available for example by inviting friends to join our community, getting votes and comments to the written reviews and published pictures/videos, commenting to other users reviews, etc. Do you want to know more about the Extra Points? Click here.

How you can start earning Space Experience Points today?

  • writing a review about a Space Experience you have already done;
  • interacting with the website and the other users and reviews.

You can collect Space Experience Points in each category entering in the related Category Leaderboard. The Space Experience Points you earn in each category are independent and cannot be directly compared and added together. That is why we created the Global Leaderboard where all the points earned in each category plus the Extra Points are weight together.

If you want to climb the rankings in the Global Leaderboard it is important to do and write reviews about Space Experiences in all the categories. Do you want to learn more how the Global Leaderboard works? Click here.