Write Your Review

How to write a good review

Once you have done a Space Experience you can review it by submitting your comments, pictures, video and other details. You can always review an experience you have done weeks, months or even years ago (you need to modify the year by clicking on it in the calendar); it does not matter, as long as the requirements for the review are correct.

Generally you have to set a star rating, choose a good heading, write a text and submit one or more media attachments (up to 10 pictures and a link to a Youtube or Vimeo video). You can always specify a date and sometimes a location is required.

All the users have the possibility to read, comment, interact and Like for your reviews, providing you Extra Points. When you write a review, think about who is going to read it. Why another user should like your review? And… do not forget the power of images and videos!

Here are some questions that could help you in writing a good review…


Books: did you buy, rent or download the book? How long did it take to read it? How could you define the level of difficulty of the book (easy, medium, hard). Did it require some physics/other backgrounds to be fully comprehensible? What about the pictures if any… Would you suggest the book to other users? What did you like/dislikes most of the book? Some specific chapter you prefer to mention or talk about?


Collectibles: describe your passion for the collections. Why did you choose a specific item? How do you conserve, expose your collection? When and how did you start your collection? How many items you have? Do you have any plans for the future?


Hobbies and Things to Do: how much time did you spend with your hobby? How long have been involved in that? What you like most? Are you involving friends/relatives in your hobby? Is it expensive?


Movies & Documentaries: did you watch the movie at home or in a theater? How many times did you watch it? Did you understand the movie at the first time or did it raise questions on you? Were your expectations fulfilled? Which part did you like most? What about the final? Have you any comment about the actors/actress? Is there a favorite quote from the movie? Some words about the soundtracks or special effects?


Museums: which section of the museum did you like most? Did you visit the museum more than one time or often? Have you got the chance to see some temporarily exhibitions about space? What is your favorite space artifact available in the museum? Did you learn something interesting you did not know before your visit? Did you visited alone or did you take part of a guided tour? Remember: do not write about a spacecraft visible in the museum but available in the Category Spacecrafts because you should review it in the category Spacecrafts and not here. Do it and get even more Space Experience Points !


Celestial Phenomena: was it is the first Celestial Phenomena you experienced (ex. solar or moon eclipse)? Did you travel in order to see it, how far, how long? Were you alone or with a group? How was the experience? What impressed you most about the phenomena? Are you going to chase another one of the same kind?


Observatories and Telescopes: how did you travel to the observatory (if it is not located in cities)? Were you alone of with a group? How was the experience? What impressed you more? Did you get inside the main building? Did you take part of a guided tour and get the possibility to come close to the telescope/s? Did you have the chance to talk with some scientist in place? What did you learn about your visit and the science ? Would you recommend the experience?


Rocket Launches: was it your first rocket launch? How was the experience? How many other people where with you or close by? What did impress you most? From which location and distance did you watch the launch? Did you pay to access the specific location? Were you enough close to ear the roar of the rocket and see it on the pad? If the first stage landed back, what did you see/ear? Would you recommend the experience/place/time?


Spacecrafts: what did you most of the spacecraft and related exhibition? What impressed you more? Tell us about a detail that you like in particular or tell us a story you read about the spacecraft…


Travels: why did you choose this experience? Was you alone or with friends/relatives/other participants? Was the trip organized by a tour operator? Did you other space related experiences during this trip/vacancy? What did you like most?